About AUH!


AUH is company for medical services, established at the beginning of 2015 and contributed to the establishment of more than 5 medical factories, ranging from syringes to I.V Infusion set, blood transfusion, surgical catheter, oxygen mask, Surgical Gowns, Surgical drape set and many other medical device, sterile and non-sterile.

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The company has an import and export office in Egypt and another in China to provide the best raw materials at the lowest prices. It has previously imported more than one sterile medical product in its name. It has an exclusive agency for some types of packaging materials or production raw materials.

We qualify companies for ISO Standard.

Our Mission

  1. Make the technical specification for the place as a whole in accordance with the international standards for optimal operation and the finishing specification according to the specifications regulating this industry.
  2. Qualifying the company to obtain the CE Mark, ISO 13485: 2016 and FDA certification.
  3. Supervising the finishing works and ensuring that they achieve the required specifications.
  4. Supply and installation of an integrated production line with the required production capacity that allows the lowest possible operating cost according to the operating averages of the industry.
  1. Training workers on the production line to ensure the best possible operation in the world
  2. Appointing and training an integrated work team that covers all aspects of the factory with training them on optimal operating conditions that allow competition and continuity in production with the highest possible efficiency.
  3. Accurately calculate the operating cost of the product, allowing for good pricing, which helps in strong competition in the global market
  4. Agreement with suppliers of raw materials to ensure the supply of the best raw materials at the lowest prices and the best possible conditions.

Our Vision

We dream of Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa manufacturing all types of medical devices and depending on themself in this critical industry.

Our Mission

It’s a long-term partnership, starting from planning to manufacture a medical device to selling your medical device all over the world. We will be with you step by step, by a very qualified team who have enough experience to do this work and already have many success stories in this field.